Cancel order


Please email our customer service team at You can cancel the order if the product is not yet shipped by the warehouse. Please contact us in 12 hours after you place order.


For orders not shipped

  1. Email us the following info: order number/order email address & cancellation request.
  2. We will check if the order is shipped. If it is not shipped yet, we will issue refund immediately and email you with cancellation notification.
  3. Usually, PayPal refunds will be transferred immediately. Credit cards may take 10-30 business days to process.


If you just need the change the color/size of items, email us the color/size you need to change. Then you do not need to cancel the original order and place a new order.

*You can not change the color/size if the items are already shipped.


What if the order is shipped?

If your order is already shipped, then the order is unable to cancel since we are unable the recall the parcel that is already in transit.


  1. Please contact our customer service by email after you receive the items.
  2. Send us your order number/order email address, the photos of items. Then we can we will confirm the order info.
  3. If you decide to return the items, we’ll send you the return address. In this case, the customer will be responsible for the shipping fee to return. After we receive the items, we’ll refund the original product price. Shipping fees are non-refundable
  4. If you decide NOT to send it back. We will partially refund the original product price, and shipping fees are non-refundable.


For more details of return, please kindly refer toe our Return & Refund Policy.